Wednesday, October 15, 2014


At work, we keep copies of Reader's Digest in the bathroom. This means I spend a lot of time reading short, inspiring articles. One article I recently read quoted an interviewee saying, "Anything that has the power to make us feel alone has a greater power to connect."


I could not stop thinking about this idea. I spend a lot of time feeling alone. I live in a different state than my family. My roommates are wonderful, but they are busy with their own lives. I'm not dating anyone. I make so many mistakes and have so many failures.

But then I have nights like tonight. I spend time with a friend and I open up. Turns out, I'm not so weird and alone. We have so many similarities. As the evening carries on, I realize she is my kindred spirit. We connect because of our aloneness.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Words of Wisdom

"Pain demands to be felt."

This was originally said by Augustus Waters in the book "The Fault in Our Stars." Then, my roommate K said it to me yesterday as I cried over something stupid a boy had done.

K is wise.