Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Freebies

My birthday is in 4 days! It's the Golden Birthday, turning 28 on the 28th! Eeek!

I have several ways I enjoy celebrating my birthday. Last year, I did 27 service projects and I enjoyed it so much, I want to make it a tradition. I also enjoy presents, getting sung to, setting goals to accomplish in my next year of life and spending time with friends and family.
Me getting sung to at Texas Roadhouse. They sure know how
embarrass you at that place.

But my favoritest birthday tradition of all? FREE BIRTHDAY STUFF! Seriously, who needs a man on your birthday when the stores love you enough to give you free meals and desserts?! (Please note, that was only a joke. My ideal birthday would involve flowers, dinner, and a movie with the man of my dreams. If you have a way of making this happen, I would be eternally grateful!)

But free stuff! Yay! My favorite ones are the ones you don't have to purchase anything else. It's free just because you were born. Those are my first coupons to go. So far I've gotten:

 *A burrito from Rubio's Mexican Grill. They give an entire free meal if you sign up for their club.
The bag and its delicious contents

*Ice cream from Coldstone's. Sign up for their email list and you can get any ice cream, any size with up to four free add-ins.

*A bowl of noodles from Noodles and Co. Sign up on their email list, get any bowl and you can even add meat for free!
They've got this new spring dish with asparagus and spinach.
Duh. Lish. Us!!!!
I also have coupons for Red Robin (free burger), Dairy Queen (buy one, get one free Blizzard), Texas Roadhouse (free appetizer), Marie Calender's (free slice of pie) and Einstein's Bagels (free breakfast sandwich with purchase of drink). Most of them just require signing up for their emailing list, which is great because for the rest of the year, they email you other coupons and free stuff. Seriously, who wouldn't have a happy birthday with all these amazing treats?!

Do you have any fun birthday traditions?

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