Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Brief Touch

In case you are like me and missed the Dating 101 for High Schoolers (I'm pretty sure it was held in the mall on the weekends, which explains why so many teens hang out there), I have a very basic tip today. The days of showing a boy you like him by ignoring him are over. Instead, you need to need to break his personal bubble space and touch him. Touching is the new ignoring!

Cartoon Girl gives a good example!
Have you never tried this flirting technique? Start simple!
-As you are laughing at the funny joke he just told, put your hand on his shoulder for a second or two.
-When you are excitedly sharing a story with him, put your hand on his arm briefly.
-If he shares an profound insights, quickly put your hand on his knee and say, "That is a really good idea!"
-If he teases you, push him slightly in the shoulder.

Already tried those basics? Take it up a notch!
-As you are telling him a story, put your hand on his arm and leave it there.
-Put your hand over his hand for a minute as you are talking. Or, if you are talking to him and someone interrupts to speak with you, put your hand over his hand during the interruption. It'll keep his attention, trust me. Keep in mind, this shouldn't be holding hands! It's more of an encouragement to get him to hold your hand!
-When you talking and put your hand on his arm. Leave it there for awhile or rub his arm as you talk. Not longer than a minute. You wanna keep it in teasing mode!

Next time you are at a social event, try one or two of these moves. Pay attention to how he reacts. If he seems uncomfortable, he might not be interested. Most likely, he'll smile and get more into your conversation. 

Friends, what other moves do you use when flirting and touching?

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