Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tilt and Smile

Friends, have you ever met a guy, talked for for at least an hour and he STILL didn't get your number? You walk away frustrated because you have no idea why! It seemed like everything went so well! I have news for you: you might have talking, but he had no idea you were interested. You never used the right body language.

Remember how we talked about body language awhile back ago? I hope you all have been working on your tone! Today, I have another body language tip for you! It's called the Tilt and Smile. Here is the scenario: you're sitting there, looking amazing, talking to the man of your dreams. He teases you a bit. You tilt your head and smile. He falls in love just a little bit more.

Need some photographic explanation?

This is a little too much tilt. You don't wanna look like your neck is broken. 
Hermione's almost got the move down. It's the perfect bit of tilt, but not enough smile. Come on, girl! Don't you want steal Ron away from Lavender?!

Awww yeah! Aria's got it down perfect. Notice her head is tilted ever so slightly. She smiles gently and looks down. No wonder Mr. Fitz is willing to be the creepy high school teacher hitting on a student! Just look at her!

Why is it so attractive? A recent study says it's because it makes the women seem smaller. I personally think it's because you just look so darn adorable.Whatever the reason, it works! I suggested this a friend who tried it on her recent crush. She was in a room as he walked by and they met each other's gaze. She went all out by tilting her head, smiling and then giving a gentle wave of her hand. You better believe he came back and got her number! Those are the kinda results I like to hear about!

So give it a try. Tilt when he says something funny. Tilt to catch his attention from across the room. Tilt whenever you feel the conversation getting a little too friend zone-ish. Then give him a little smile. He'll like it, trust me!

All right, friends. I wanna hear about your success with the tilt and smile? Additions that worked? Sad fails?


  1. I love the Harry Potter reference in this post. I personally think everything can be improved by adding some HP to it <3 Another great post. Keep them coming :)