Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Missed Connection

Maybe you've seen this going around the Internet already, but I'm so charmed by it, I just had to share!

Here is the original link!

Have you seen it?! Missed Connections is a website where people post ads looking for someone they met, were interested in, but failed to get contact information. The original meetings happen everywhere: on the train, in the park, at a store or even at Walmart! In a recent article in Psychology Today, a researcher compiled statistics from the website and made the chart above. It shows where the most missed connections happen, by state. Notice how almost fifteen states list Walmart? Ha! Also noticed how Utah lists college campuses? What does that say about our great state?!

I think it's a romantic idea, trying to find someone you had an instant connection with. I skimmed through a few ads for my local area and it put a smile on my face. Have you ever met someone and known in an instant that they were your Someone Special? I have! It's delightful to read about others going through the same process. Such sweet stories!

On a practical note, it is interesting to notice the attributes that first caught the seeker's attention. Sometimes it's looks, sometimes it's personality. You never know what it is about you that will turn someone's head! Dating is interesting because you can make it as scientific as possible. You can become the best flirt, know all the right tricks and frequently go on dates. Yet the endpoint of dating, marriage, requires a miracle that we cannot control. It is a miracle that two people can meet and things just click. The rules are broken and love happens. We have to do all the work we can, by dating and becoming a better person, then sit back and trust that God will bring Mr. Right into the picture. It is a perfect example of faith without works is dead. 

So what do you think about Missed Connections? Sweetly romantic or just plain weird?

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